FFL is one of the fastest growing business consulting firms, focusing on sustainable development in all areas of business, human and organization competence, productivity and operational excellence, building on a rich profile of hands-on practitioners enjoying colorful successful expertise within local, regional and multinational firms

In less than 18 months, the firm has established its status as a true business partner for all types of organizations, ranging between SMEs, private, public sector, governmental, multinational, and all the way to developmental partners, global funding agencies and organizations.

How We
Do It

Simple and down to earth. We build on a rich and colorful experience and knowledge base, yet we treat every assignment as a unique one. we strategize and think holistic and global, yet we dive deep into issues and go through each and every detail. we speak the universal business language with the leaders, yet we verify and validate on the ground with the leaders on the ground; the front runners. We act progressively and aggressively, we don’t waste time on fancy presentations and obsolete assumptions, we simply deliver.

For us, there is NO IMPOSSIBLE, there is always a feasible, profitable and sustainable solution to every potential issue or challenge, in every area of the business value chain; commercial, strategic, operational, manufacturing, supply chain, financial, business technology and above all the Human Capital

We Will always apply creative, progressive and assertive models and approaches, that will secure sustainable profitable growth for our partners. We simply make things happen. And we make sure you will be able to make things happen. Welcome to our world.

The Way
We Work!

We believe our real value lies in ensuring maximum sustainable value for our partners. We will taste tangible success once our partners have experienced comprehensive strategic transformation, developed the ability to run every component of their business independently, and we are no longer involved in any of the vital business activities. Since day one in any of our interventions, we ensure the establishment of a shadowing team sometimes an individual in case of SMEs.

FIC Model

The team is involved in every stage of our intervention and builds their knowledge and hands-on expertise through the famous effective


Learning model


Direct Knowledge


On the job experiential



This form of incubation ensures that the talents are effectively bred and groomed to become well-rounded business professionals and fully capable of taking over and effectively running the business even before our practitioners phase out.




Our Practitioners

GE Healthcare

Success Stories





We work with all forms of businesses, with an experience record ranging from multinationals to locals to startups and governments. We boast a rich record within diversified industries, among which are textile, banking, military production, engineering, home appliances, electronics, chemicals, construction, pharmaceuticals, industrial paints, real estate, furniture and more.

The below list of clients includes both clients we have served directly through the firm, or through freelance and full-time employment within these firms.

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